Monday, December 3, 2012

Kidscreen Meta-story presentation

Hello everyone,
I have some exciting news to share and an invitation I’d like to pass along. At this year’s Kidscreen Conference (runs Feb 5th to the 8th in NYC) I’ll be speaking on the subject of Meta-story. For those of you who can attend, the talk will be on Thursday, Feb 7th at 2PM.
I’ve decided to spend a few moments here on the blog expanding just a bit on the topics I’ll be speaking to. Of course, there will be greater depth in the presentation and good discussion afterwards for anyone who wants to stay and chat.

The title of the talk is:

Narrative Development to achieve multi-category success

Everyone wants a Franchise! Not just any Franchise, but a full-on, multi-format, kid’s media and consumer products franchise.

Why then, in the age of exploding transmedia execution, is there so little Franchise success? What’s missing?

It’s all about the story. The quote at the head of this blog says:

“Franchise stories are like software. If you don’t rigorously develop the larger story to perform in the formats and categories you want them to…they wont!”

What this means is that intentional Franchise story development is a unique craft with specific knowledge, tools, processes and insights the same way that writing a screenplay or authoring a novel is.

Whether you are a media executive, content creator, consumer products marketer or licensing agent, this presentation will give you new and actionable tools and insights for developing Intellectual properties for greater franchise success by demystifying key success factors such as;

What is permission to play and how is it changing the entertainment and product landscape?

What are the five measure of franchise strength you should constantly be challenging your franchise with?

How do you identify and refine targeted narrative meaning and how does it drive audience success in all formats and products?

Why is product placement so damaging to a narrative and what is the more powerful alternative to drive consumer products while improving the story?

How can an entertainment or product company rethink their own structure and process to innovate more effectively in the quickly evolving world of franchise development?

Hope to see you all there and I look forward to speaking to and discussing my life’s passion…Meta-story.

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