Kevin Mowrer Bio

"I don't consider myself a consultant.  I'm a proven Meta-story creator and teacher with both sides of my brain active.  I can create for you, with you, or teach you how to create and manage your own Meta-stories."

Kevin Mowrer is the sole proprietor
and lead creative of “Mowrer”LLC. and the creator of the Meta-story concept and process.

He is a twice Emmy award winning,
Gemini award winning and Leo Award
nominated I.P. creator with over 25 years
of broad experience in the kids and all-family
entertainment and entertainment product business. Kevin has created, developed, produced, and managed properties across many forms of media and product.

Kevin was the founder and chief architect, as well as the SVP creative, for Hasbro’s Fantasy Factory, the division created to develop and produce Hasbro’s entertainment in all its forms. Kevin has lead the entertainment rebirth of such properties as Transformers, G.I.Joe, Action Man, Tonka, My Little Pony, and many more. He has extremely broad experience through directly producing, co-producing or collaborating on entertainment in television, motion picture, online web stories, publishing, card gaming, video gaming, online gaming, board gaming, toy product and consumer licensing.

Experience includes: Disney, Dreamworks Animation, Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount Pictures, Fox TV, Amblin Entertainment, Hyperion/Disney publishing, Scholastic Publishing, Wizards of the coast TCG gaming, Score card gaming, Atari electronic gaming, Hasbro toys, Fisher Price, Konami video gaming, Hasbro Interactive, Parker Brothers Games, Milton Bradley.

During his tenure as head of the fantasy factory, Kevin developed a creative and strategic approach to expanding Hasbro’s I.P. so that they would perform and express themselves in many different media and product forms. The ongoing expansion of this approach can be seen today in the growing success Hasbro is having with its entertainment initiatives.

Kevin was also the SVP of design at Hasbro’s Kenner division, running all of Hasbro’s boys, vehicle, sports and entertainment products design and development. During Kevin’s tenure leading the creative effort, Kenner/Hasbro increased their income on entertainment based product almost seven-fold over seven years and developed a close story and brand building collaborative relationship with the companies who’s properties were being licensed such as Warner, Universal, Dreamworks, Amblin, Disney, and others. Third party properties he performed story and art creative expansion on include: Batman #2 & #3, Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park #2, Men in Black and Small Soldiers.

After leaving Hasbro, Kevin founded The Story Hat, an I.P. creation and production company producing award winning kid’s properties that are now distributed worldwide. Under the
Story Hat, Kevin co-created the Emmy Award winning “Growing Up Creepie” TV show and the Gemini Award winning Dragon Booster.