Meta-story™ commercial impact

Though each media and product format is unique, broadly I organize them into four distinct categories.  These broad categories of formats comprise what I call "anchors" because each grouping establishes a different part of the wholistic relationship that Meta-story can have with the audience.

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Story telling Anchors  - Deliver a full and rich narrative.  some of these Anchors can be passive, such as TV, Publishing and Motion Picture (Though publishing is on the verge of redefining its passive, linear traditions).  Others within this category can be active but fully deliver on narrative as well such as certain forms of digital gaming like MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games).

Experiential Anchors  - Deliver various kinds of experiences within the world and characters that exists in your narrative. These experiences usually don't contain the full narrative but often give the audience powerful opportunities to self-actualize and explore the fantasy for themselves.

Inspirational Anchors  - Deliver imagery, message and inspiration to use throughout all parts of the audiences daily lives.  Inspirational anchors only work of the narrative has true meaning and empowerment that the audience adopts.  Only then do they want to remind and inspire themselves with these elements.

Community Anchors  - A critical part of the authentic growth of any Meta-story™ once its been launched is for it to find and assemble its "tribe."  Community anchors are the forms and formats that create some of the most living and passionate edges of your narrative.

The commercial impact of a carefully crafted and carefully orchestrated roll out of a true Meta-story narrative can be a powerful multiplier of the commercial return on your story.  Stories become true "franchises" by doing so and equally as importantly, they can and do become generational because they are built on a foundation of meaning versus transaction.

Understanding what elements of your narrative/story enable each of these anchor groupings and why is critical knowledge contained in the Meta-story process.  Not all properties and stories can light up all of these categories but usually any story can be helped to organically expand beyond its initial conception and even first media launch.