Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meta-story™, achieving storytelling excellence in a Transmedia world

When heart, relevance and human excellence in storytelling are still only achievable through gifted storytellers and creators, Meta-story is the process that delivers the critical knowledge and tools to achieve that excellence in a Transmedia environment through educating and empowering creators.

If you are a creator or an I.P. holder who believes your story has a nascent power within it to move your audience in many ways, Meta-story is a craft and process that informs your creation and development with the knowledge and tools to achieve those powerful possibilities but in ways that are organic and authentic to your story.

"The act of creation is not a team sport. None of the grand stories of today or yesterday were created by a team of people."

There’s been quite a rise of consulting groups and internal corporate teams espousing the value of bringing large, multi-media groups of creatives, strategists and distribution experts to bear on an I.P. in service of making it into a “Transmedia enabled story.”

The “cross-media teaming” effort creates both energy and ideas and is very valuable once you are ready to execute and move to market. However, it defeats the singular brilliance and vision of a true “creator-driven” process if employed in the actual creative shaping of the core story itself.  Excellence and success in story creation is incredibly hard to achieve even in the most ideal of environments and circumstances.

"We need to endeavor to inform the muse, not crowd her out of the room."

I believe that rather than fighting this truth, that virtually the entire history of storytelling has shown to be true, we should embrace it and empower it in this new and expanding narrative landscape!  Protect the heart, soul and creative/commercial integrity of your I.P. by learning and/or employing the Meta-story process. Given the opportunity, knowledge and tools, key creators will rise to the challenge of making stories for the Transmedia world.

Cheers, Kevin Mowrer

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